PainPad: A Digital Solution
for Clinical Pain Monitoring

Self-logging for acute post-operative pain to provide data for better inpatient care.


Easily collect and store patient pain data in a time-stamped format suitable for evidence-based analysis.

Save Time

Prompts patients to self report their pain levels saving staff time and increasing compliance.


Encrypted data is sent securely to our GDPR compliant cloud-based platform.

A Tangible Device for Clinical and Research Settings

We designed PainPad to help clinicians better understand patients’ pain through higher quality data collection, while lowering workload for nurses and other busy staff. PainPad offers time-stamped data which can support evidence-based pain treatment helping clinicians prescribe analgesics more effectively. In addition, these records can help validate clinical procedures by helping to explore historical record of pain levels after surgery, PainPad can also offers benefits to patients by fostering greater patient participation in their own care and by encouraging self-reflection.


Why PainPad?

Privacy Policy

We do not collect any personally identifying information. We store a unique number that identifies your hospital visit along with the pain number from 0 to 10 that you enter and the date and time of this entry and we send this information to the hospital so that they can add it to your patient record. We cannot identify you from the unique number, only specially authorised clinical staff at the hospital can do this. If you attend the hospital on another occasion you will get a different unique number. Your pain records will be kept on our system for up to 1 year for audit purposes and then deleted. If you would like them deleted sooner, please contact the hospital IT department. After they authenticate you they will pass on your instructions to us along with all of your unique numbers.